I love my family, karate and internet marketing!

When my first child was born, i was practicing karate 7 days per week, every evening in the week and all day Saturdays and Sundays! My friend said to me, you will never see your children grow as when they come in from school, you will be going out to karate and forget the weekends!!!!

That really hit me hard, I immediately changed the direction of my life, so i could see my children grow. I cut back on my karate and only went for a few hours at the weekend.

This all happened around 2002 and at this time I had been ‘dabbling’ with internet marketing for about 4 years. it was 2002 when i really focused on internet marketing.

What absolutely amazes me, is the fact that you can have an idea, then setup an online campaign and have real people looking at whatever it is that you have driven them to and you can do it FAST!!!!! It fascinated me in 1998 and still blows my mind all these years later!

Today, I am still involved with karate and we have many people joining through the work i do online and I have done everything from ecommerce, blogging, video marketing, Facebook marketing, PPC, PPV, adsense, social media marketing, email marketing, press releases, affiliate marketing, you name it, i’ve had a go!!!!!

What really exites me though, is the amount of opportunity that everybody has at their fingertips!!!! 🙂

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