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Website Design And Online Marketing

​Howard Pym

​Business Owner

& ​Entrepreneur

​I had a 15 minute call with Linden and he simply blew my mind with the possibilites for our company, needless to say I now turn to Linden for all my website and online marketing needs!

​Linden H​uckle

​20+ Years Marketing Online

What You’ll Get During This ​Website Development Free Strategy Call

​A really well designed, functioning website, is a vital part of a modern marketing strategy. If your website is old, no longer converting, or just simply needs a refresh, we can help. I will help you understand how online marketing can help your business and the best way to generate leads and customers.
It is easy for your website to become out-of-date, web design trends and technology change, your website design can soon look tired and untidy, difficult to use and not representing your brand at all. Having an outdated, unresponsive website will affect your ability to attract visitors, generate leads and ultimately hit your bottom line.
Linden and his team have been building websites for nearly 15 years! Blogging. branding, lead generation, ecommerce or a mixture of the above.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

​Before the call, i will take a look at your website if you have one, your branding and social media engagement.

What Happens During the Call

​I will share everything I know about how to move forward and how best your business will benefit from leveraging the internet.

What Changes After the Call

​After the call, if you would like to work with us, we will start ASAP and ​make sure we over deliver in every area :)

About Linden

​Linden was a professional karate instructor, ​practicing and teaching seven days per week, when his daughter was born (19 years ago), one of his good friends mentioned the fact that he would never see his children as he was practicing karate every evening and all weekend!

This certainly hit home and with that Linden quickly decided to cut back on his karate and direct his energy into something ​that would compliment his karate and help him spend more time with his new family.

Well the something else was internet marketing, he travelled to New York to learn from one of the best online marketers and he has been hooked on the power of the internet ever since!

Why ​People Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

​' I would have gladly paid for the free consultation call' Lawrence Elcock

​Lawrence Elcock

​Professional karate Instructor

​On this free call Linden gave me lots af amazing advice for my lead generation and even tips on student retention. i now use Linden for all my marketing needs and I would have gladly paid for the free consultation call :)

​natalie Baxter

​International Showjumper

​With anything to do with online marketing, Linden is always my first choice.

​​​paul rainieri

​IT Manager

​Linden gave ​me more information on the free consultation call, than ​I have received from many 'so called experts', that ​I ​handed lots of money to. Linden is now the only person ​I turn to

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