October 22

Be This! But If Not, You Can Still Make Money But You Will NEVER Be Fully Happy

Be This! But If Not, You Can Still Make Money But You Will NEVER Be Fully Happy

​“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of my friends is a miserable so and so! He is very honest, but moans continually and people dislike him because he simply says it how it is. Another person (notice i didn't say friend) I know, is very upbeat, always positive, but what you see is definately not what you get! He is a liar and a terrible backstabber (bad mouths people behind their backs).

Even though my friend is always moaning, he is happy! It simply boils down to the fact that he's happy when he's moaning :), it's just the way he is. The other person makes out he's your best friend, but really he is the most selfish, arrogant liar I know and he will NEVER be happy!

So how does this relate to internet marketing and building a business online? Well, my advice would be to follow Ralph Waldo Emerson's advice and be yourself! It's very easy to look at all these so called Gurus and think to yourself, If I am going to succeed online I need to be just like them. WRONG!!!!!!

Be yourself and put other people first, provide value and help people, this is the ONLY way you will be happy 🙂

To Your Success

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