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Give Potential Followers Value Not A Buy Button!


Give Potential Followers Value Not A Buy Button!

​Give Potential Followers Value Not A Buy Button!

​​Smart internet marketers and businesses know that the single most important activity they can engage in is generating leads.

This can be the difference between success and failure and it’s more relevant in today’s world of online business than it ever has been.

​So just what exactly is a lead? Why does it matter so much? And how do you go about generating leads?

Put simply, a lead is someone who you will try to turn into a customer. A lead is someone who has had some kind of contact with your business and some sort of interest in your brand. They are interested, they have been tempted by something (more on the 'something later) and it only takes a little effort on your part to then push them over the edge so that they will become buyers.

But wait a moment: if a lead is just someone who might one day become a buyer, then how can a lead possibly be more important than a buyer? And what does this have to do with the state of business today? Surely a lead today is the same as it always has been?

Essentially, what makes a lead so important is that a lead is someone who might go on to make many more purchases in future.
A lead is someone who has unlimited potential for you as far as your business is concerned.
Now, a buyer is a type of lead in some cases, but not every buyer is always going to become a lead in the future. If you have a lead before you have a buyer though, this suggests they are engaged with your brand and more likely to come back and buy from you in the future.

​Increase your Customer Lifetime Value

​Instead of thinking ‘how can I make a quick sale?’ the question should be ‘how can I increase my customer lifetime value?’.

There’s another reason that leads are so important when compared to customers. A lead is much easier to generate than a customer. If you emphasize trying to make as many customers as you possibly can and if you try and force the issue, then your site is essentially just going to become a sales pitch! This might generate some revenue for you but it’s also going to turn a lot of people away from your site and away from your brand.

Generating a lead on the other hand, simply means encouraging someone to place down their contact details and to give you permission to contact them again in the future. This is much easier to do, compared to using heavy handed sales techniques and potentially driving people away from your site.

Generating leads first instead of sales creates a subtle shift in your approach to business. Suddenly, you’re no longer trying to do everything that you possibly can to convince people to buy from you. Instead, you are going to give potential leads value and start building a relationship with them to establish trust.

This is where most businesses go wrong, selling instead of giving value! And BTW, this relationship and trust building can all be done on autopilot!

Deliver Value!

​Once you have their contact details, you can start delivering value and be way smarter about the way you try and sell to them. You can time your sales marketing after you have delivered value and they trust you.

There is nothing better than selling to people when they already want to buy!

So simply switching your focus from sales to lead acquisition is going to transform the way you approach business and give you a much more value-centric approach. In turn, this will ensure that you build an army of loyal followers, who trust you and will buy from you again and again.

This will also change the way you approach the marketing of your services and products. This means a shift from pure sales talk to better value added social media and content marketing. It means providing value at every possible opportunity, as this will all lead to happier customers and more revenue.


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