October 21

Want People To Follow You? Then Implement This!

Want People To Follow You? Then Implement This!

​​​“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”  Blair Warren,​

Now this is a really powerful and dangerous quote because people with no morals can do a lot of harm if they put this into practice (Hitler being someone who did). But if you can genuinely help people, then this can help attract and build a tribe of followers who's lives you can help change for the better.

People love to dream, people do not like to fail, one of the reasons I believe people do not get far with their online businesses is fear! Fear of failure and what their friends and family will think of them if it doesn't work.

We are all suspicious of anything new, a new company comes along and it seems to good to be true, it must be a scam, but more often than not. internet marketers fall for the latest shiny objects, I know I used too, then when it doesn't work out, you feel terrible and to stop the feeling of failure you jump on the next shiny object, I know how it works, I have been there 🙁

You need to be around genuinely positive people, not people who pretend to be positive to get your money! Good people are humble and willing to help others, when you get humble people with skills, then you have leaders in the making, follow these people, listen to these people.

We all want to belong to something, it's human nature, we need to be in a gang 🙂

The gang we need to belong too should be full of like minded people, all making the same journey and the Internet is full of these gangs, Facebook groups is a great place to join a gang, the trouble is, most of the open and invitation only groups are simply a daily onslaught of sales pitches, full of bandits and pirates waiting to pounce 🙁

30 day summit

I have a Facebook page open to all, it gives lots of great information and also acts as a sort of filter, then my customers get access to our Invitaion Only Facebook Group, this way I know the people in my group are people like me, striving for a better life for their family through internet marketing. I know many people like me have been let down by product after product that promise success. It's not your fault, weak promises from people who have no idea, success is here for everyone, it is easier than you imagine and you DO NOT have to spend a fortune! These so called 'Gurus' just want your money, they bring product after product out, have no interest in you or your families well being, they just want your CASH, but you probably suspected this all along, well I'm here to tell you that you are CORRECT!! They are a bunch of leeches, praying on people like you and me, who are just trying to provide a better future for our families, they should be tried, sentenced and hung!! (maybe that's a little extreme), I have no time for them, life is short and this Internet thing is amazing with opportunities for all.

​I have been online since 1999 (sounds like a song) and by far the best training I have seen has come from a genuine person who DOES care about people.

He asked 30 millionaire marketers if they lost everything, how would they get back to the top in just 30 days. You can get a free 3 day pass to watch these amazing videos, simply copy a system you like for 30 days! Yes it is that simple. Also if you click on the ​banner below you can access some quality training that has come from a true online marketing Ninja:)

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