October 18

What Is The Hook Story Offer?

What Is The Hook Story Offer?

​Hook, Story, Offer! The Secret To ​Online Success

​​You have to get these three elements right!


The hook is what grabs the attention of your potential customers, also referred to as interruption marketing, it is basically something that stops your prospects dead in their tracks and gets them to read, look, watch or listen to what you have to say. This could be an amazing title or image. Below is an example of a great sales hook, this would definately grab peoples atttention 🙂

great sales hook


The hook is what grabs the attention of your potential customers, then comes the story behind the hook! Below is an example of a story that goes with the hook above 🙂

hook story offer


The ​offer has to be great! Don't just sell the new laundry machine as great as it is!

Make the offer irresistable, so by now people are already interested, they have seen your hook and your story, they are in, sort of. here comes the negative thoughts, 'this is going to be expensive', being the main one. So wrap the machine up in an incredible offer 🙂

Here's an example of an offer stack~

a great offer

​I really hope this post gives you a better understanding of the Hook, Story and Offer.

I have kept this blog going, but the best platform to put these concepts into practice and the one I use for all my funnels is ClickFunnels and they have a 14 Day trial where you can bash the hell out of it and after 14 days, if it's not for you, simply walk away:)

clickfunnels 14 day trial

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