October 17

Websites Vs Funnels

Websites Vs Funnels

Video Explaining The ​Benefits Of A funnel Vs ​A Website

A Confused Customer Always Says No!

​Just how much better are sales funnels? In today's video, Russell is going to show you how to create a sales funnel without a website so you can maximize your sales. Because, traditional websites block, obstruct, and confuse your customers. And, if a customer is confused they will always say no!

Russell explains that a traditional website is like having armed guards outside of a store front or having a warehouse with way too many choices.  On the flip side, a sales funnel with ClickFunnels provides your customer with a personalized sales process that guides them to exactly what they need time and time again.  With ClickFunnels both you and your customers will be happier because you’ll be making more money and your customers will be getting a custom, systematic sales process. ​

Clickfunnels versus a traditional website you will see a drastic improvement in the success of your business as you streamline and customize your sales process, removing any blockages to making money that a traditional website creates.

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