August 15

The Thirty Day Challenge

The Thirty Day Challenge

one funnel away challenge

​​This is the challenge that was presented to ​30 top online marketers (Two Comma Club Winners) who have made a ​Million ​Dollars ​Plus with their online funnels

​Russell asked these top online marketers if they lost it all, what EXACTLY​ would they do to get back on top​ from day 1 to day 30!!

clickfunnels 30 day summit

​​Here is the exact email Russell sent out to the ​'Two Comma Club' ​members 🙂 

30 day summit

Russell wanted to know……………………..

• Step #1… what would they do?
• Step #2… what would they do?
• Step #3… what would they do?

…Step #4, then #5, #6… and so on.

Russell was super anxious at the thought of sending the email!

He didn’t know if his TOP affiliates would even respond.

And, if they did email him back, he wasn’t sure that they’d actually share their special process with him, and walk Russell through how they created their affiliate success.

Well, Russell sent the email and I for one and super happy that he did:)

The content is amazing and after watching a couple of the super affiliates reveal their secrets, if you cannot make it work then it’s time to hang up your IM Gloves 🙂

Russell explained that the responses started to pour in from some of his elite SUPER AFFILIATES detailing their plans for what THEY would do if they were to map out an “affiliate’s blueprint” to success, starting from the very beginning…

No product, no list, no traffic, and no funnel… and then detailing EXACTLY what they would do in a simple, step-by-step process!
These were not quick responses they sent back to Russell, but detailed action plans!

30 day summit
russell brunson 30 day pass

So if there is ever a time to just stop everything and head over to an incredible series of videos and detailed PDF, that time is NOW!


This product is changing peoples lives as we speak, go see for yourself and you will see what i mean.

To Your Success


One of my favorite training sessions was with ​Rhonda swan, ​Where she's shows Step by Step how​ she ​traded ​her All-Day “Hustle” For A Tripwire Funnel That Shot From “Zero” To 6-Figures In Just WEEKS!

​Rhonda Swan's System Is Brilliantly Simple or ​I Should Say ​Simply Brilliant!

30 day summit
30 days free summit

​What are still doing here?

Go Get It and let me know how you get on 🙂

info​ at lindenhuckle​ dot com

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