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Google Announce The Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph is going to change everything. The first thing Google are going to implement with this, is a panel next to the web results containing relevant information. Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation by Google.

This is an amazing development and searchers are going to love it. Google really is taking search to the next level with this incredible innovation. I cannot wait for this to be implemented, these are exciting times for search and internet marketing. The opportunities are incredible for marketers, but only if they give google what they want and remember folks, that’s unique quality content!!!

The poor quality, content marketers have had their day, it’s time to move over and let in the marketers who want to deliver quality content, that searchers find useful.


Johanna Wright explains that Google is going from an information search engine, to knowledge engine. The other Google guys in the video below, include Jack Menzel, Shashi Thakur and Emily Moxley. Enjoy 🙂

Google Vs Facebook Search!

google vs facebookGoogle has dominated search as Facebook has dominated social media, but watch out Google, here comes Facebook search!!!!!!!!!

We all know how much time people spend on Facebook, so it’s only natural for search to be implemented properly, Facebook has search at the moment, but it’s pretty poor.

Facebook has head hunted Lars Rasmussen, who was a former google engineer. His job is to work on upgrading Facebooks search function. According to a report in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Rasmussen is working with a team of 25 engineers.

Google should be worried as pretty soon, people will simply stay on the Facebook platform. Now Google are smart, they rolled out Wave, buzz and now +1, frantically trying to capture the social side aswell as the search side.

As of today, Facebook has the lead on social and Google has the lead on search. Greed will be the problem here, I believe Google should concentrate on Search and Facebook on Social media, but as the great Socrates said ~

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”
― Socrates

Facebook Marketing

facebook marketingFacebook’s Paul Adams To Marketers, “You don’t understand Facebook!”

Adams said that trying to serve an ad that interupts and distracts the Facebook users from doing what they are doing, instead of building a relationship with a customer is like “trying to throw a party with a bunch of strangers. It’s not going to be a very good party.” However, once advertisers have been interacting with fans for a while, then they can try to do something more meaningful: “Suddenly you’re throwing it with people you’ve built a relationship with.”

In essence, he was talking about relationship building rather than ‘in yer face’ advertising. Adams said “many lightweight interactions over time.”

So using pages, apps, etc to gain trust and build a brand is the way he is hoping to get marketers to act, but some marketers may have slightly different ideas:)

Google Announcement! Watch Out Webmasters

matt cuttsSo Google are about to launch something BIG, it’s all to do with people abusing SEO (search engine optimization). They have been trying for years to sort out this mess. You are going to have to be more careful with on page seo and off page seo. Spammy spun content, distributed over hundreds and thousands of sites is NOT going to do it, keyword stuffing on site will damage your rankings, get ready for the BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes a Google spring clean 🙂

Eventually Google will get it right and I for one am glad they are continually trying to improve search, with the Panda update many good websites took a massive hit, lets hope it doesn’t happen with this next update, which is coming very soon.


Google Maps How Important Is It?

Google maps should be a crucial part of local business marketing. If done correctly it can be very powerful! Anyone can add a map listing for free, but if done properly, the impact for a business can be dramatic!

Google are looking for the best search experience possible, for people using their search engine. If they accomplish this, more people will use the search engine and the same people will continually return to search. The more people who use Google for their search, the more advertisers Google will attract and the more money they will make. Simple really 🙂

So, back to Google maps. If someone is looking for a product or service in a certain area, then they will tend to use a geographical denominator within their search query. The example I will use is ‘Biggleswade karate club’ (Biggleswade is the area in the UK where my karate club is located).

Google offer a free marketing opportunity for local businesses and this is one that all businesses should have. In the picture below are the results for typing biggleswade karate club in Google. Now i have marked all of my real estate with a red marker. The listings on the left are the regular search results and the map with pictures below, is the FREE map listing!

Google Maps

Google Maps

Now, the market above was very easy for me to totally dominate the first page of Google. There is competition, there are several karate clubs within Biggleswade, but many of them are not performing SEO (search engine optimisation) on their websites. So lets look at more competetive market.

I performed a map listing and some SEO for a car garage in Letchworth UK. As you can see below letchworth car service was the keyword used, their listing is number 1, after the paid for ads, which use google pay per click advertising, ppc marketing is very powerful, but that’s another article:).

In the second picture I typed the keyword in again, but this time i performed the search on the Google maps page. As you can see, they are number 1 again:) after the paid ads.

letchworth car service


Having a wide and varied marketing campaign for local businesses is very important and many of the techniques are free to do, although they do take time and need to be done properly. So if you have a bricks and mortar business, get it listed properly, on Google maps today!!!!!

Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy

Whenever new opportunities boom, there are thousands of people that suddenly appear and claim they are experts. Search engine optimisation consultancy is a prime example.

My hobby is karate and i have been training and teaching for over 25 years, i get contacted weekly, from so called seo london experts, who explain to me how important it is to be on the first page of google. I tell them I’m an internet marketer and they still ramble on with their sales pitch, I tell them I have multiple first page listings for my chosen keywords (see picture (not logged into google)) and they still ramble on with their sales pitch, I ask them what keywords they think i should be ranking for, they then tell me the WRONG keywords, I tell them they are not the keywords, they then ramble on again with their well polished and rehearsed sales pitch.  I know they are sometimes sales people and not seo experts who call, but it’s just plain painful to listen to. Oh yes, i nearly forgot, they also, always let me know that they are offering a special deal if i act right now 🙁

Search engine optimisation consultancy is a dangerous game for individuals and companies. A wrong choice can ruin businesses and dreams. A little common sense is needed and after an initial meeting, you should know if the so called seo expert is really someone you can trust to work on your search engine optimisation.

I give a free consultation to all my potential clients. I do this for two reasons, 1. To see if I really can help them and 2. To see if I believe we could both work together.

If you would like a free SEO consultaion, simply fire me an email info at

To Your Success


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Geo Targeted Ranking

SEO and Local Businesses In 2012

Business owners are starting to realise the importance of having an online presence, but very few business owners understand HOW important it really is. So called ‘search engine optimisation experts’ are calling business owners every day, promising them the world, only to fail miserably.

Internet marketing should be a priority for businesses large and small

As Google continue to update and change the way SERPS (search engine results page) are generated, business owners need not panic too much with these continuous changes within google’s algorhithm.

The best on site SEO will always be content that is unique, relevant and high quality, preferebly added on a regular basis, if you have your own website and do not have a blog attached, get one!!!! & start adding unique quality content today!

A few methods never seem to change and they still get great marketing results. Video marketing is always a safe investment, regular press releases also remain a powerful weapon for all businesses.

There’s also Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, articles, picture and pay per click  marketing. if you add RSS marketing, banner ads and a good backlinking system, your search engine rankings will explode!

After optimising your website and attracting potential customers/clients, you then need them to take action, this could be filling in contact form, calling you, purchasing on the website, etc. But that’s another article.

For SEO enthusiasts, you just have to remember what Google wants and all Google wants, is for the searcher to have the best possible experience, if you give the searcher what they want, then the big G WILL reward you 🙂 and the world is your market!

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