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Keyword Research Tool & How To Video

The best keyword research tool by far, in my humble opinion, is Market Samurai, if you watch the video below, you see just how much information Market Samurai dishes out! And in the video I literally sctratch the service of this incredible tool. You can also download a FREE trial of Market Samurai There are many google keyword research tools, some good some bad, but there’s one thing for sure, if you research this area for a small amout of time, you will be ahead of 90% of your competition and the out of the other 10%, most of them are doing poor keyword research!

Try Market Samurai now for free!

Web Hosting And Domain Registration

Part 1 Getting The Right Domain Name

I am going to explain how you can get your own website up and running within an hour, one that you own and have total control of and is optimised for the search engines, this website has unbelievable 24 hour support, if you need it and is so cheap, you will be shocked!

When I first decided that I needed my own website, I performed a quick search for, ‘build a website for beginners’, or something very similar and in those days (10 years ago), what came back, was nothing short of horrific!

The information that came back was talking about website hosting, domain registration, FTP, bandwidth, content management, HTML, etc, etc. It really was terrifying and to be honest I am surprised that anyone new to the internet in the early days, managed to get a website up and running.

I just could not work it out, so I decided to go for one of these ‘all in one’ package deals. Now it got me started online, but I just wish I could have put together my own website. I still have that first website, it’s like an old dinosaur, very outdated and about as flexible as an iron rod! I still pay $20 per month, simply because I have built up so much ranking and authority, it’s very hard for me to switch it across to a more flexible and search engine friendly platform.

I have about fifty hosted websites that cost me under $20 per month! I have total control over the design and can easily optimise them for the search engines.

The platform I use for all my websites is WordPress. Now WordPress is Free and you can do just about anything with it, full blown e-commerce websites, membership sites, affiliate marketing websites, lead generation, hobby sites, etc, ect, you name it, with WordPress, you can do it!

So lets break it all down.

Domain Registration

I always use Godaddy to buy domain names, they are reliable, professional, easy to use and they contact you in plenty of time if you need to renew your domain name, but here’s another tip, set it to renew automatically, after all, is it only a few dollars each year. Another point to mention, is the longer you register domain names for, the cheaper it is and that’s the end of my godaddy review 🙂

Domain Registration And Web Hosting

Now I am going to give you my opinion on domain names and how to choose one, but other people have different views to me, so I suggest you do a little research before you decide on your website domain name.

OK, here we go. First, you want a domain name that people can remember, avoid dashes in between words, only go for a .com or if you are marketing in a particular country use the countries domain extension, for example, if you are marketing in the United Kingdom only, then a extension is fine.

I will always go for a .com wherever possible, when people think of websites, they always think of .com. Also many internet marketers believe .com websites rank better in the search engines.

So lets say we are going to put together a karate website that will be selling karate lessons online. I will use this example because I have a real karate site to show you.

First of all, what are we selling? Karate Lessons Online

Second, what are people searching for online? Unfortunately, had been sold, so we then looked at ‘karate classes’ instead of ‘karate lessons’. We checked with the google keyword tool and from the picture below, we can see that 210 people per month are searching for ‘karate classes online’ but there are 27100 people searching for ‘karate classes’!

domian name keywords

So we know there are lots of people looking for ‘karate classes’, now most of these people are looking for classes in their local area, but if we can get our website in front of them when they are searching, do you think a small percentage would be interested in some free karate classes online? Yes they would and indeed do, we ask for their name and email, then try and sell them an online karate course.

So we eventually settled for

We don’t try and rank for karate classes, although if you type ‘karate classes’ into google, you may find one of my other websites called .

What we do target, is the ‘long tail keywords’ around the keyword ‘karate classes’, long tail keywords like ‘karate classes on the internet’, learn karate moves online’ we even go for more competitive keywords like ‘karate moves’ because we believe anyone typing in ‘karate moves’, could be interested in our online karate videos.

So, what is right about this domain name,, firstly people are typing in ‘karate classes online’ and ‘karate classes’ and this definitely helps with ranking in the search engines. Hopefully, we are number 1 in google if you do a search for ‘karate classes online’. Second, is really EASY to remember and finally it’s a .COM

There are many other long tail keywords that we rank for, but that’s another article. I hope this has helped, if you are considering buying your domain name. Linhuck

Web Hosting And Domain Registration

Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization

A quick story, then a video that will blow anyone who knows anything about SEO, away!

One of my clients is a very strong willed person, he knows what he wants and he normally gets it! He is successful for several reasons, one of the main reasons his business is successful, is the way he promotes his business.

I remember my first meeting with him, he said to me, ‘I will pay you for guaranteed search engine optimization only!’

I am confident at what I do, but that made me sit back and think!

What is the most effective search engine optimization? Well, without doubt, the best seo technique around, as I write this post, is quality backlinking, using targeted keywords. No other seo techniques come close.

My client is extremely happy with the work we do and trust me, keeping him happy, is not an easy task. When I meet with him, I feel like one of the apprentices sitting in front of Sir Alan Sugar, after a freshly completed task!

One of the main search engine optimizing techniques we use for his business is targeted backlinking and this area used to be a major problem for us, but now I am going to reveal how we automate this area with amazing results!

Simply go watch this Automated SEO backlinking video and Tommy will reveal all, incredible stuff!

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