Should Website Domain Names Contain Hyphens?

One hyphen doesn’t have a negative seo effect, but more than one hyphen does (according to google, if it has two or more, they believe you are hyphens-and-domain-namestrying to manipulate the search engines).

As far as branding and using your domain name on business cards, leaflets, video, press release, letter heads, etc. it does. I believe it cheapens the business and makes the company look less professional, but then again I have been in this industry for way too many years and I may (definately) have preconceived ideas of what a domain should be.

It would be a good idea to look at the fortune 500 and even the top 500 sites on alexa, then see how many have hyphens.

So, whether it is with hyphens or without hyphens, I wish you luck

In the video below Matt Cutts from Google talks about hyphens and underscores. Me personally, I would use neither, but hey, everyone has their own opinion 🙂

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