Exact Match Domains 2012

Google recently updated their algorithm, again 🙁 This time it was focusing on EMD’s or exact match domains.google seo

EMD’s are websites where the main keyword is the domain name. Eg. Keyword “Search Engine Ranking UK” and the domain would be “www.searchenginerankinguk.com”

Now it seems that the only EMD’s that are being hit, are the thin domains that are solely built to target one keyword, so they have it as the domain, categories, page titles, post titles, descriptions and hyper text backlinks using that main keyword and no outgoing links.

The EMD’s that have not been hit (so far), have great useful content and have a diverse structure using many related keywords, videos, pictures, pages and posts, that are using different related keywords, alt tags and descriptions. They have a backlink structure that looks natural and doesn’t just have the keyword hyperlink pointing back to the domain, they also seem to have outgoing links pointing to authority websites.
exact match domain penalty.

Another great Google algorithm update, that gives people producing quality content a chance for people to find their content!

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