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SEO Plan

Having an seo plan of action is extremely important for new and exicting websites. I have added an seo plan below, please feel freseo plane to use the plan, or join my newsletter and get instant access to the pdf, so you can keep the plan handy, or even print it off.

The most important part of seo is producing unique, quality content.

Once you have some quality content, say an article on search engine optimisation, then that can be distributed to article directories, turned into a pdf and submitted to the document sharing sites, turned into a video and submitted to the video sharing sites and even an audio. As long as the content is quality, people will want it in different formats. Creating a piece of content that goes viral, can generate visitors, subscribers and sales, for years!

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SEO plan. Stage 1

Keyword Research Very Important!

For local businesses always try and use geo targeted keywords, my hobby is karate, so for my karate club, keywords like “Biggleswade karate club”, “Biggleswade karate classes”, “Biggleswade karate kids”, “kids karate in Biggleswade”, “kids karate in biggleswade”, “Biggleswade karate school”, etc, etc. You can go check the above keywords in google, I am in the UK, so results may vary in other countries. The website is

For a more detailed explanation of keyword research Click Here (video coming soon) In the meantime, the best keyword tool by far is Market Samurai

SEO plan. Stage 2

1. Create gmail account for marketing purposes
2. Create Google plus page
3. Create linkedin account
4. Create youtube Dailymotion Metacafe and Vimeo accounts
5. Open a pinterest account and creat a board (Keyword targeted, ie Biggleswade karate Club)
6. Create Facebook page
7. create Twitter account
8. Create RSS feed for website
9. Create accounts at article directories
10. Register with RSS submission sites

SEO plan. Stage 3

1. Have a professional video intro created 5-10 seconds
2. Create Google places listings for your business
3. Write 5 x 500 word articles. Benefits of practicing karate at Biggleswade karate club (using geo targeted keywords) EG  Title – Benefits Of Practicing Karate At Biggleswade Karate club
4. For the article directories, write a great bio and call to action, which links to your main website, for local businesses, be sure to use geo targeted keywords
5. Turn 5 articles into pdf’s adding pictures and links to main website

SEO plan. Stage 4

1. Using new video intro, create 5 x short video promoting your business
2. Submit video to the 4 video sharing sites
3. Submit your first article to all 4 directories, then submit 1 article per month (can be same article or different for extra SEO benefit) to the 4 article directories
4. Submit RSS feed to RSS feed directories (you only have to do this once)
5. Regularily update your main website, using keywords naturally
6. Be sure to add alt tags to pictures on your site (search engines look for them)
7. Regularily add pictures to your pinterest board, add url at the start of the description, back to your site. Do not always use root domain name, link to internal pages

SEO plan. Stage 5

1. Grab video rss feeds and add to RSS directories
2. Grab article rss feeds and add to RSS directories
3. Bookmark articles, videos and pages on website, using services like etc


Can be applied at any time, especially if you have a new course/product/event happening

Write a press release yourself and submit using free distribution services (limited results), or a paid service like the excellent PRwebb (excellent results), or the even better Press release monkey   (AMAZING results), who will write an awesome press release and distribute.

I wish you all the best with your websites, if you are too busy running your business and would like me to give you a price on having my team do the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy

Whenever new opportunities boom, there are thousands of people that suddenly appear and claim they are experts. Search engine optimisation consultancy is a prime example.

My hobby is karate and i have been training and teaching for over 25 years, i get contacted weekly, from so called seo london experts, who explain to me how important it is to be on the first page of google. I tell them I’m an internet marketer and they still ramble on with their sales pitch, I tell them I have multiple first page listings for my chosen keywords (see picture (not logged into google)) and they still ramble on with their sales pitch, I ask them what keywords they think i should be ranking for, they then tell me the WRONG keywords, I tell them they are not the keywords, they then ramble on again with their well polished and rehearsed sales pitch.  I know they are sometimes sales people and not seo experts who call, but it’s just plain painful to listen to. Oh yes, i nearly forgot, they also, always let me know that they are offering a special deal if i act right now 🙁

Search engine optimisation consultancy is a dangerous game for individuals and companies. A wrong choice can ruin businesses and dreams. A little common sense is needed and after an initial meeting, you should know if the so called seo expert is really someone you can trust to work on your search engine optimisation.

I give a free consultation to all my potential clients. I do this for two reasons, 1. To see if I really can help them and 2. To see if I believe we could both work together.

If you would like a free SEO consultaion, simply fire me an email info at

To Your Success


seo london

Geo Targeted Ranking

Web Hosting And Domain Registration

Part 1 Getting The Right Domain Name

I am going to explain how you can get your own website up and running within an hour, one that you own and have total control of and is optimised for the search engines, this website has unbelievable 24 hour support, if you need it and is so cheap, you will be shocked!

When I first decided that I needed my own website, I performed a quick search for, ‘build a website for beginners’, or something very similar and in those days (10 years ago), what came back, was nothing short of horrific!

The information that came back was talking about website hosting, domain registration, FTP, bandwidth, content management, HTML, etc, etc. It really was terrifying and to be honest I am surprised that anyone new to the internet in the early days, managed to get a website up and running.

I just could not work it out, so I decided to go for one of these ‘all in one’ package deals. Now it got me started online, but I just wish I could have put together my own website. I still have that first website, it’s like an old dinosaur, very outdated and about as flexible as an iron rod! I still pay $20 per month, simply because I have built up so much ranking and authority, it’s very hard for me to switch it across to a more flexible and search engine friendly platform.

I have about fifty hosted websites that cost me under $20 per month! I have total control over the design and can easily optimise them for the search engines.

The platform I use for all my websites is WordPress. Now WordPress is Free and you can do just about anything with it, full blown e-commerce websites, membership sites, affiliate marketing websites, lead generation, hobby sites, etc, ect, you name it, with WordPress, you can do it!

So lets break it all down.

Domain Registration

I always use Godaddy to buy domain names, they are reliable, professional, easy to use and they contact you in plenty of time if you need to renew your domain name, but here’s another tip, set it to renew automatically, after all, is it only a few dollars each year. Another point to mention, is the longer you register domain names for, the cheaper it is and that’s the end of my godaddy review 🙂

Domain Registration And Web Hosting

Now I am going to give you my opinion on domain names and how to choose one, but other people have different views to me, so I suggest you do a little research before you decide on your website domain name.

OK, here we go. First, you want a domain name that people can remember, avoid dashes in between words, only go for a .com or if you are marketing in a particular country use the countries domain extension, for example, if you are marketing in the United Kingdom only, then a extension is fine.

I will always go for a .com wherever possible, when people think of websites, they always think of .com. Also many internet marketers believe .com websites rank better in the search engines.

So lets say we are going to put together a karate website that will be selling karate lessons online. I will use this example because I have a real karate site to show you.

First of all, what are we selling? Karate Lessons Online

Second, what are people searching for online? Unfortunately, had been sold, so we then looked at ‘karate classes’ instead of ‘karate lessons’. We checked with the google keyword tool and from the picture below, we can see that 210 people per month are searching for ‘karate classes online’ but there are 27100 people searching for ‘karate classes’!

domian name keywords

So we know there are lots of people looking for ‘karate classes’, now most of these people are looking for classes in their local area, but if we can get our website in front of them when they are searching, do you think a small percentage would be interested in some free karate classes online? Yes they would and indeed do, we ask for their name and email, then try and sell them an online karate course.

So we eventually settled for

We don’t try and rank for karate classes, although if you type ‘karate classes’ into google, you may find one of my other websites called .

What we do target, is the ‘long tail keywords’ around the keyword ‘karate classes’, long tail keywords like ‘karate classes on the internet’, learn karate moves online’ we even go for more competitive keywords like ‘karate moves’ because we believe anyone typing in ‘karate moves’, could be interested in our online karate videos.

So, what is right about this domain name,, firstly people are typing in ‘karate classes online’ and ‘karate classes’ and this definitely helps with ranking in the search engines. Hopefully, we are number 1 in google if you do a search for ‘karate classes online’. Second, is really EASY to remember and finally it’s a .COM

There are many other long tail keywords that we rank for, but that’s another article. I hope this has helped, if you are considering buying your domain name. Linhuck

Web Hosting And Domain Registration