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In 2013 You Will Have To Pay to Display Products in Google Shopping!

google shoppingMany people will be extremely annoyed at this, but I for one, am glad Google shopping is going to become a paid for platform.

There is so much rubbish out there and Google are just trying to provide the best information possible to the searcher. I know of marketers who have uploaded thousands of products to Google shopping, most of it, pure RUBBISH!

This is sure to bring the cream to the top, I can see a lot of the poor products which you find on Google, disappearing at high speed when the big G start to implement their paid platform, i say bring it on and let the people who have quality products get a look in :).

Another addition to Google’s shopping platform is Google Trusted Stores This will enable you to earn the Google seal of approval, once again, a great idea.

If you are planning to start into the world of online selling and you have quality products, there has never been a better time 🙂




Wise Sayings

Here’s a great quote from the great man, Albert Einstein. There are only two ways to live your life.One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

wise saying

Google Announce The Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph is going to change everything. The first thing Google are going to implement with this, is a panel next to the web results containing relevant information. Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation by Google.

This is an amazing development and searchers are going to love it. Google really is taking search to the next level with this incredible innovation. I cannot wait for this to be implemented, these are exciting times for search and internet marketing. The opportunities are incredible for marketers, but only if they give google what they want and remember folks, that’s unique quality content!!!

The poor quality, content marketers have had their day, it’s time to move over and let in the marketers who want to deliver quality content, that searchers find useful.


Johanna Wright explains that Google is going from an information search engine, to knowledge engine. The other Google guys in the video below, include Jack Menzel, Shashi Thakur and Emily Moxley. Enjoy 🙂

Forget The Google Slap Here Comes The Google KAPOW!!!!!

google algorithm change

google algorithm change

All good internet marketers and SEO experts knew it was coming. The wise ones started taking action months, even years ago.  Well here it comes!

In the next few days, Google are launching an important algorithm change targeted at what they call black hat webspam. Watch out people who have been mass back linking, manipulating their rankings and violating Googles quality guidelines

If you have been dropping lots of links on unrelated content, keyword stuffing, spinning articles and submitting them on blog networks, Watchout!

Matt Cutts has said that Google want white hat search engine optimization or even NO search engine optimisation at all! Just quality websites with quality content.

There’s going to be lots of worried marketers out there right now, frantically trying to save their thin, poor quality websites, back links and content, but I’m afraid they are DOOMED!!!!!!!!

2012 is going to be the year the quality of content put online, increases dramatically and the poor quality websites and content finally vanishes for good, so here’s to 2012!



Google Vs Facebook Search!

google vs facebookGoogle has dominated search as Facebook has dominated social media, but watch out Google, here comes Facebook search!!!!!!!!!

We all know how much time people spend on Facebook, so it’s only natural for search to be implemented properly, Facebook has search at the moment, but it’s pretty poor.

Facebook has head hunted Lars Rasmussen, who was a former google engineer. His job is to work on upgrading Facebooks search function. According to a report in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Rasmussen is working with a team of 25 engineers.

Google should be worried as pretty soon, people will simply stay on the Facebook platform. Now Google are smart, they rolled out Wave, buzz and now +1, frantically trying to capture the social side aswell as the search side.

As of today, Facebook has the lead on social and Google has the lead on search. Greed will be the problem here, I believe Google should concentrate on Search and Facebook on Social media, but as the great Socrates said ~

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”
― Socrates

Facebook Marketing

facebook marketingFacebook’s Paul Adams To Marketers, “You don’t understand Facebook!”

Adams said that trying to serve an ad that interupts and distracts the Facebook users from doing what they are doing, instead of building a relationship with a customer is like “trying to throw a party with a bunch of strangers. It’s not going to be a very good party.” However, once advertisers have been interacting with fans for a while, then they can try to do something more meaningful: “Suddenly you’re throwing it with people you’ve built a relationship with.”

In essence, he was talking about relationship building rather than ‘in yer face’ advertising. Adams said “many lightweight interactions over time.”

So using pages, apps, etc to gain trust and build a brand is the way he is hoping to get marketers to act, but some marketers may have slightly different ideas:)